“It was always going to be dogs…”

Find out how Nanci became one of the UK and Ireland’s top dog behaviour experts

Nanci’s dog training career began at the young age of 6, spending days training family dog Missy a variety of tricks, some better than others 🙂

Fast forward some years and unsure of what direction to go in, but knowing it needed to be animal related, Nanci decided to study Zoology at UCC.
In her second year of University, Nanci’s mum suggested Nanci set up a “puppy creche”, which ignighted a flame inside Nanci.
The research began, and as Nanci completed her degree, she began putting plans together to open a doggie daycare centre.

After graduating from University, Nanci enrolled on an Animal Grooming evening course, and a Pet Psychology online course while setting up a dog walking and pet sitting business.

After three peaceful years walking lovely dogs in hidden gem locations, and continuing her study journey, Nanci took the plunge, and in 2010 opened Creedons Doggie Daycare, Irelands longest operating doggie daycare centre.

The study bug continued, with Nanci taking an evening class in Animal Welfare, attending seminars and workshops across the UK

After completing her degree, Nanci then decided that Ireland deserved, and had the demand for, a science based progressive, IN PERSON educational organisation where other dog lovers can easily access the best dog behaviour educational opportunities.
So in 2013 Creedons College was launched, Ireland’s premier adult education college focusing solely on running courses relating to dog care and careers working with dogs.

Masters Degree

A degree in Zoology from UCC was a fantastic foundation, and gave Nanci the ability to stydy at an academic level.
Next up, came a Masters Degree in Animal Behaviour and Welfare at Newcastle University.

Travelling to the UK regularly to attend classes, workshops and training days was far more of a hobby than a chore, and due to a training workshop at the RSPCA, Nanci even ended up adopting a bull lurcher from the RSPCA, who was one of the few fogs of this mic breed to be adopted from the UK, and travel to Ireland!

Dog bite injuries to humans and the use of breed-specific legislation: a comparison of bites from legislated and non-legislated dog breeds

Nanci was the only student on this masters degree programme to ever have her dissertation published, with Nanci’s research on dog bites being published in the Irish Veterinary Journal, and having an impact on dog bite research across the world.

Ireland’s First Certified Dog Behaviourist

While the average pet owner is unlikely to recognise the difference between certified and uncertified experts, to Nanci it was critical that she test her ability to ensure that industry leading organisations recognise Nanci’s skills, knowledge, and ability.

After becoming a certified dog trainer with the fantastic Association of Pet Dog Trainers Ireland, Nanci continued her study and being assessed, and in 2013 became Ireland’s first certified behaviour consultant with the International Association of Animal Behaviour Consultants.

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