Veterinary Referral Behaviour Modification Sessions with Nanci Creedon M.Sc.


Please see below for more details on this package.

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Complex behaviour problems should not be taken lightly and should always be addressed by qualified and experienced professionals.

Unfortunately, we regularly see the detrimental, and occasionally fatal, fallout that occurs when dog owners unknowingly hire underqualified and uncertified pseudo-professionals.

When it comes to treating complex behaviour problems such as fear, aggression, or abnormal behaviours please seek the help of a certified behaviourist.

Certified Behaviourist Nanci Creedon M.Sc. has a primary degree in Zoology (UCC) and a master’s degree in animal Behaviour (Newcastle University) and is a published scientist with her research on dog bites published in the Irish Veterinary Journal.

Nanci has appeared as an expert witness in the Irish courts and has attended workshops and seminars worldwide to continue her education and to stay on top of the most up-to-date dog behaviour research and approaches.

This Package Includes

Session 1 includes.

Case Work Up – Nanci will spend approximately an hour preparing for your case, reviewing video footage, vet notes, and your booking form details.

Session 1 – Nanci will spend 90mins with you and your dog, investigating the behaviour issues, finding out further details, and she will then take time to explain to you WHY your dog is behaving how they are, the IMMEDATE easy changes you can make at home to start to see improvements, and will walk you through how the behaviour modification programme for your dog will be applied.

Session 2 – Nanci will spend 60mins focusing on training YOU on how to carry out the behaviour modification programme.

Session 3 – We will schedule a 60min follow up session a few weeks later to review how your training has been going, and to keep you motivated to stay on the right track!

Along with this package, Nanci will also create a custom online learning portal for you – in this portal she will create videos covering everything we covered in the training sessions, and additional tips and tricks so you, and all of your dog’s caregivers, can review and revise to get the most out of your behaviour modification package and set you and your dog up for success!


Once you place a booking, we will be in touch to confirm, and to provide you with paperwork to complete in advance of your appointment with Nanci.

The session will be held at Nanci’s office in Renfrew. If you prefer that Nanci travels to you, please note there will be an additional travel cost of £15 per 15min drive from Renfrew (the first 15mins travel is free). For example, if you live 16-30mins from Renfrew there will be an additional charge of £30 to cover the time and travel costs each way.

Please note, if booking a package of 3 sessions, all sessions must be redeemed within a 6-month period.


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