Professional Dog Behaviour Consultant



Pre-requirements for this course are

  • Successful completion of our Professional Dog Training Instructor course or equivalent
  • Minimum one year /200 hours of hands on professional experience working with dogs
  • Applications will be approved based on individual applications


— OR  —



(For further details of the content of each module please email for an information pack)

  1. The Career as a Dog Behaviour Scientist
  2. Applying Learning Theory to Clinical Dog Behaviour
  3. The Ethology of the Domestic Dog – Motor Patterns, Behaviours influenced by genetics, and ‘What is Normal?’
  4. Understanding and Explaining Neurological and Endocrinological Activity
  5. Rescuing and Rehabilitating Abused and Neglected Dogs
  6. The role of Psychopharmacological Intervention and Supplementary therapies in Dog behaviour modification
  7. Recognising, Understanding and Modifying Stereotypical Behaviours
  8. Recognising, Understanding and Modifying Aggressive Behaviours
  9. Recognising, Understanding and Modifying Fear Related Behaviours
  10. Investigation Skills and Case Studies
  11. Practical Interpersonal Communication Skills
  12. Practical Delivery of Behaviour Consultations
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