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Nanci Creedon M.Sc. has over a decade of experience treating dog to dog reactivity, and has attended seminars and workshops with the worlds leading dog behaviour specialists.

She has created the Professional Dog Reactivity Specialist to share her in-depth knowledge on the subject matter, and help passionate dog trainers develop their hands on skills, so dogs across the world can benefit from Nanci’s expertise.

You can choose to purchase just the online live classes which are hosted by Nanci, or the full programme which includes classroom sessions – more info and dates can be found below.

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  • Overview

This is a detailed 12 week programme, with 10 weekly online group classes, and (optional) 4 day in person workshops hosted in both Glasgow and Cork City where learners who have successfully completed the online element of the programme will be able to attend in-person reactivity workshops and consultations, both initially observing, and later practically handling reactive dogs and hosting workshops.

Your Tutor

Nanci Creedon M.Sc. has a degree in Zoology, a masters degree in Animal Behaviour and two decades of experience working with dogs. She has owned and fostered reactive dogs and has helped hundreds of dogs, and their families, overcome reactivity. Nanci was Ireland’s first certified dog behaviour consultant and continues to upskill and take courses, and will do for life!

You may have seen Nanci on The Dog Academy on Channel 4 where her warm and non-judgemental approach helped loving dog owners understand their dogs. She also features on Cats and Dogs at War on Channel 5 where Nanci and animal behaviourist Chirag Patel helped families bring peace and harmony to their fighting cats and dogs.

Assessment Proceedure

All learners will be invited to take a 1hr end of course online exam for which they will receive a certificate upon successful completion. The exam can only be taken once. Learners who take the full course including the webinars will take the end of course exam in the classroom and will also submit a video assessment which will be a recording of a live reactivity consultation.

Course Content

Module 1
What is ‘Dog Reactivity’? And What is it Not?

Module 2
The Biology of Reactivity

Module 3
Understanding Subtle Pre-Reactivity Communication

Module 4
The Do’s and Don’ts for Reactive Dogs

Module 5
Management Techniques to Reduce Reactivity

Module 6
Training Exercises to Set up for Success

Module 7
Plan A Behaviour Modification for Reactivity

Module 8
Behaviour Modification When Plan A Doesn’t Work

Module 9
Hosting Reactivity Workshops – With Real Life Case Studies

Module 10
Coaching Clients through Reactivity Recovery – With Real Life Case Studies

Module 11
Practical Hosting of Reactivity Consultations – 2 day workshop

Module 12
Practical Hosting of Reactivity Workshops – 2 day workshop

Scheduled Dates 

Online Classes run each Thursday evening at 7pm live, online, starting March 28th for 10 weeks.

Online Exam June 5th 7pm

Classroom based workshops are hosted in Cork City, 10am-4pm on June 15th, June 16th, July 6th, and July 7th.

Classroom based workshops are hosted in Renfrew, 10am-4pm on June 21st, June 22nd, July 13th, and July 14th.

Course Option

Online Classes Only, Online Classes and Four Workshops

Payment Option

Holding Deposit Only, Pay in Full to Receive Discount


Cork, Glasgow, Online Only

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